5 Essential Study Habits For Every Student


study habits

How did you learn the Bharatnatyam dance? Most probably your teacher taught you the steps. No individual is born with inbuilt knowledge. They learn it, practice it and excel in it.

Same applies over the study habits for students as they promote themselves from middle school to high school. Given below are 5 essential techniques to valor out the study mission.

1. Pay Full Attention in Class – The moment you start paying attention in the class, the process of learning begins right from there. Make sure you have the most preferred seat, no loud student around, clear visibility and audible teachers add on the criteria. With full concentration, students make the most of it in their respective notes which later help them in revamping the topic taught in the class.

2. Plan Ahead, Increase Productivity – Often we get trapped by procrastinating the assignments and not completing it before the deadline. By planning and working ahead will establish the time management skill in the student which will later enhance the productivity and also grades.

3. Break the strategies – If the syllabus is piling up and there is no escape but to learn every chapter intrinsically, don’t worry! Establish the strategy of breaking the things into small parts and learn it accordingly. Another way of grasping the chapter is by reading it daily rather than a night before the exam. If done with Maths or Science, try to solve some problems before sleeping.

4. Counter Your Confusion – Understand your confusion and work diligently on it. Don’t try to escape the confusion. Ask your teacher every other possibility and clear your doubts until and unless you are capable of solving the problem on your own. Many times, students don’t open up and discuss their confusion with the teacher or parents with the fear of being judged. This must not happen.

5. Discover your Learning Habit – Every other individual has a preferred way of learning. Discover your learning habit and work over it. There are auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners.

Auditory Learners – In this method, students learn by listening to it loud or discussing it among the group to last it longer. The chapter discussed stays long in memory than reading it twice by a student.

Visual Learners – In this method, student grasps things by looking at it. They prefer using colorful diagrams, or some related video which can help them in understanding the chapter more!

Kinesthetic Learners – They learn by doing other activities. For example, try revising your chapter by building blocks or by solving a puzzle. This method of learning helps in strong memory.


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