5 Tips How To Build Confidence In Kids


Self-confidence comes from a sense of competence. A confident child demands the upbringing which indoctrinates positive and realistic perception inside & out. This arises from achievements no matter big & small it is the essence which dwells inside and marks alteration in child behavior. But, as evident every child is different and demands different upbringing to build confidence to not only survive but thrive.

Below are some efficient way to help gain confidence among kids-

1. Indoctrinate Resilience – To yield maximum resilience, teach them not every child passes every exam, everyone has to bear criticism, pain, judgments, and setbacks. Use this obstacle as a learning experience but not dwell in disappointments. The old saying of try & try & try should be revived with “oh, just cheer up” or, “you shouldn’t feel so bad”. This altogether builds the sense of trust among children which further leads to more comfort in sharing their anxieties. Children will learn that setbacks are part of life and it can be managed. For instance, if your child did not perform well in an exam, do not console him\her by pity words but discuss other creative methods to grasp the chapters more efficiently.

2. Encourage Sports – Through sports children learn that they can practice, improve and achieve goals. Not just confined to the boy’s domain, now sports constitutes both, girls & boys. Another advantage: they learn their strength, accept and strengthen their weaknesses, handle defeat and expand their friend circle resulting in greater communication skill. Another confidence-boosting bonus, they stay fit and start looking after their physique avoiding obesity.

3.Set Rules and be Consistent – When children are aware of the rules set by their parents, they act quite smartly and evaluate their activity keeping it consistent for a longer period of time. Every household has different rules and it alters on the basis of their child’s age. As children get older, they gain more responsibility and indulge in their daily activities with their peers & friends. But it’s essential to remind them that you are a parent- not the best friend.

4. Coach Relationship – The key to confidence in relationships leads to the overall self-confidence of a child. The most essential initial relationship is the loving child-parent relationship. As the child grows, he\she encounters many other relationships of friends, teachers, mentors and maintain the different relationship with each other. As a parent you cannot fix the problem but assist your child in dealing with it with utmost self-assertiveness, kindness & compassion.

5. Instill Independence – Younger children always have their parents to sideline their fears and insecurities. But, the key to self-confident children is to try new things without fear of failure. As a parent, set up a situation where your child can deal with the situation and mark his\her security by themselves. Encourage exploration and set your children independent to make sure they grow productively in the right direction.

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