About Me

Rajesh Doulatram Bhatia founded Tree House Education & Accessories in the year 2003 and serving the organization as Managing Direction since December 2, 2016. Mr. Bhatia has a great contribution in the field of education and always seeks innovative ideas to make learning easy and interactive. Mr. Bhatia completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MS University and also holds a Master degree in Marketing Management from Pune University.

Mr Bhatia always strives for something innovative in everything and hails creativity and this is a sole reason why he is dedicated in transforming the schooling system. His efforts are acclaimed by industry experts and proved to be favourable for the education ecosystem.

Mr. Bhatia is a philanthropist and always stands for humanitarian causes. He actively organizes events that highlight social causes and performs his part for the welfare of society. He believes that if you want to eradicate the flaws of the society then educate your children. This is the sole mission of Rajesh Bhatia and he is working diligently to meet up his goals of an educated and well-behaved society and to eliminate illiteracy from its roots.