Keep Calm and give your exams!!


Exam season is round the corner and children are stressed with studies and nervous of getting good marks. It is important for children to remain cool minded during exams as exam written with a calm mind is better than writing exam with a tensed mind. It is the responsibility of parents too, to look after their children’s time table and asses study hours. Here are some important tips that can prove advantageous for the students who are preparing to taku up final exams this season

Eat sufficient amount food and drink enough water

Eat enough food and follow a balanced diet strictly to avoid laziness and to boost nutritional and energy levels in the body. Your mind needs a suitable amount of glucose during examination times so try to have food at regular breaks. Drink at least 1- 1.5 litres of water each day to keep your body hydrated and also aids in removing toxic and unhygienic substances from your body. Try having green tea during exams as it enhances your concentration level.

Take regular breaks

Too much of study for longer hours make your brain tired. Avoid having long sessions and prefer short sessions for studying. Take some time off from studies and make yourself feel fresh. Watch your favourite TV Series or go out for some fresh oxygen for a fresh feel. Walk for a sometime in between breaks as it promotes better flow of blood circulation. But stay away from taking long breaks as it affects your continuity.

Always Think Positive

During exam times most of the students think too much negative things and that eventually results in lack of confidence in them. Students get stressed and most of the times theyend up doing silly mistakes in their exams. So, enter the exam hall with a positive approach and have faith in whatever you write in your answer sheet.

Take appropriate amount of sleep

Less amount of sleep affects your concentration levels which can cause you big loss in your exams. Proper amount of sleep is very necessary as it recovers your body from all the lethargy of the previous day. A sound sleep makes you feel fresh and helps in recovering concentration ability. Avoid drinking too much coffee during the night while studying as it may boost caffeine levels in the body and makes you feel more jittery and anxious.

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